Jessica Gerne, RDN is a recent graduate from Montclair State University. While going to school full time, Jessica managed to juggle three jobs and volunteered as much as she could. She worked at Overlook Medical Center, a Fortune 500 company, as a Clinical Dietetic Assistant. It was here where Jessica applied her knowledge and skills by doing nutritional evaluations, menu planning, and taught patients how to make healthier choices when it came to their diet. This position allowed her to utilize her ability outside of the classroom in a clinical setting.

Jessica was also an intern at City Green Farm, a non-profit, sustainable, organic farm which serves local, diverse, low-income communities. Managing the farmer’s markets she was able to harvest, store, and properly market organic produce. Each week Jessica was a major contributor, guiding the customers into making healthier choices, while educating them about the health benefits of the produce they bought. This internship allowed her to teach within local school systems with FoodCorps, Wholesome Wave Foundation, and churches and community centers with City Green. At these venues Jessica promoted the “Eat Better Tonight” program which educated and advocated healthy eating and living throughout local communities. She developed recipes, gathered the ingredients fresh at the farm each morning, and created the dishes in class with the students.

In her spare time, she manages her own blog, “Lily’s Way”, to help educate people about the health benefits of the ingredients in their food. Her site contains articles about making better food choices as well as product reviews for organic/GMO free foods. She also writes for another blog called “We Dish Nutrition” and contributes articles for Montclair State’s Woman’s Health newsletter which is distributed on campus.


Contact: lilysdiet@gmail.com