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Dr. Schar’s has more to offer than your typical gluten free company. Let’s start with their wide variety of gluten free, wheat free, soy free, and lactose free foods! Some of which contain unique ingredients like pea protein which is extremely easy to digest and has low allergenic responses. (

​Since 1922 Schar has been on a mission to deliver specialized food for those who have specific dietary needs. What really makes this company stand out to me is their interest in creating foods for young children with gastrointestinal issues. Growing up, I always had an issue with my stomach and it wasn’t until much later in my teens that we finally found out what was wrong and that my diet played a key role.

Schar’s goal is to make life easier for consumers who have celiac disease by providing delicious and tasty foods that are available at your local supermarkets. On the shelves you can find numerous items made by Schar. Some of their gluten free products include pastas, crackers, cookies, bread, rolls, snacks, and pizza to name a few. I really love that their cookies and crackers are prepackaged to the proper serving size! It’s so important for us to be conscious of how much we are eating. With portion sizes improperly displayed (for example a bag of chips contains 2.5 servings) prepackaged portion controlled snacks can help maintain your weight and prevent obesity. Now you have the convenience and luxury (yes, it is a luxury) of knowing how much is the right amount to eat.


For more information you can visit their website


Lily’s Chocolate Bars


We all get cravings for chocolate at some point but for most of us we tend to try and resist the urge of temptation. I’m here to introduce Lily’s chocolate bars to put your mind at ease! As a lover of all things chocolate, I have found a chocolate bar that I can indulge in without the guilt! These delicious dark chocolate bars are made with Stevia, a natural sweetener, and they are 100% free of added sugar. Lily’s chocolate contains 25% fewer calories than other leading brands and contain no GMOs. As an anti-GMO activist this has really given me hope that eventually all food companies will take into consideration removing genetically modified ingredients from their products.

Not only does Lily’s provide a healthy, genetically modified free treat they have pledge to give a percentage of their profits to provide kids with cancer the services they need. Lily’s provides a smooth rich taste that’ll reach that sweet tooth of yours! They come in four different flavors coconut, crispy rice, almond, and original.

While hitting your sweet spot, you can gain some great health benefits at the same time. Here are a few:

  1. Helps lower your blood pressure.
  2. Contains antioxidants which as we all know helps free your body from free radicals preventing certain types of cancer to form and help you age more gracefully.
  3. Weight loss. Yes! Eat dark chocolate and lose weight? It’s been proven. Dark chocolate leaves you feeling fuller and more satisfied compared to other types of chocolates. It also makes you less prone to crave sweet, fatty, or salty foods.
  4. Good for diabetics! Candy to improve diabetes? It’s true! The flavonoids in the dark chocolate increase nitric oxide which help control insulin levels in the blood